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November 10, 2021

Leifeld-metal-spinning-smart-controlAmong the benefits of the new Leifeld Smart Control for metal spinning: better control of the spinning roller thanks to a force sensor. As explained by Leifeld Metal Spinning’s technical director Benedikt Nillies, the new Smart Control consists of the spinning roller with a fork roller bracket, a force sensor and a tool-clamping unit. “The fork roller bracket with force sensor,” he says, “can be used instead of or alternated with standard spinning roller brackets for manual, operator-controlled spinning. Due to the automatic contacting, changeover between the force sensor and the standard spinning roller occurs automatically via a tool change during processing.”

Through the feedback of the axial and radial forces, the sensor improves the control of the spinning roller. Shear forming with a constant force is possible--in addition to the shape, wall-thickness profiles can be defined.,helloporn

Among the control’s software modules is the Contour Recording Autopilot. With this feature, the spinning chuck contour is automatically probed with a minimal, controlled force by means of a force sensor. The collision monitoring in the background prevents damage from occurring. “This function greatly accelerates and simplifies part setup and enables the use of soft spinning chucks,” says Nillies.,candela x

vibrator sex,In addition to the standard version of the Smart Control, the firm also offer a “plus” version that includes a Shear Forming Autopilot feature that automatically calculates the gap required for the products by means of the recorded contour. This includes the static gap for conical components and a dynamic gap for a spherical contour profile that changes at every spinning roller position. 

Leifeld debuted the new control at Blechexpo in Stuttgart in October.,xxx 40

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